Egyetlenem | Hajni Nagy
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Hello, this is Hajni.

Photographer for almost 14 years.

I live in the beautiful Budapest, love my city.

I’m a nonstop person, life lover, always an optimist, a true dreamer and sometimes a bit mixed-up. (Hello my fellow Gemini!)

My heart beats for finding harmony and beauty. That is what gives me the reason for life, why I’m actually being on this planet.

I have two boys in my life,who I dearly love and who give me the greatest joy: my Son, Milán, and my Husband, Mucka (nickname-he loves it)

When I was young I spent a lot of time abroad, I got my photographer degree in London (LCF). I had great teachers to set me on my path.

One of my teachers evaluated my final exam work: “Nika – as they called me – there is no question. You will born to be a photographer”  There and then,how spring comes or how you discover a rainbow after rain, I knew, that something great just begun.

It’s great luck and blessing, that I’ve found my place in our world, and each and every moment of my work gives me joy.

Even though I have a fashion photographer degree, life guarded me toward mother-to-be photoshoots at a very early stage. I’ve been photographing expecting mothers and babies for 13 years, newborns for 8 years.

You can find a selection of my woman portraits and artistic nudes on my other website:

My photos are usually shot spontaneously, even the theme is planned. I search for uniqueness, small –maybe not even fitting- details and feelings. I never aim to create perfection. I find symmetry by instinct, my eyes connect  lines to reality, which is not always perfect – but it is full of soul. Beauty and charm can be found everywhere: in a smile, a touch a move or a glance.

I also love teaching! That’s why I started to organize workshops of how to shoot expecting mothers and newborns. It fills me with pride and joy to share my knowledge,I can improve and saturate.